Manual paper textures

As we often find ourselves in the need different papers with special textures, we have decided to design some manual paper of our own. This is a rather simple procedure, as you will see bellow. However, if you are looking for some manual paper with a finer texture, you should keep in mind the fact that this type of paper is more difficult to obtain by the means of a simple improvisation, especially if you have no experience at all.


red paper texture


You can buy high resolution manual paper textures like these from here and you can download some free samples from here. First step: you take pieces of normal paper and you put it in water for several hours. After that, you chop the paper in very small pieces until you get it to turn into a squash.


Manual paper

The second step: you need a mold in which to pour the squash. As you can see, our improvisation consisted of a picture frame and a mosquito net.


manual paper tutorial

The third step: this is when you can show your creativity. As you can see, we have mixed the paper with blades and different other plants and seeds.


manual paper grass texture

After uniformly pouring the squash of paper into the frame which has on the side the texture you are looking for, you have to let it dry under pressure, so make sure to put a weight on the paper.


manual paper grass textures


manual paper with grass textures


manual paper texture with newspaper

When it dries, you can use it for your project. The results are surprising and, generally, very nice looking.


manual paper with green grass textures

manual paper texture with seeds

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