hi res rusty metal textures

Several months ago, when the summer sun was still brightly shining, and it was a tad more difficult to work from inside the office, I took the camera and went outside to look for rusty pieces of metal to photograph in order to make some good looking textures. Somewhere, at the periphery of Bucharest, there is what it used to be a great communist factory which was named 23rd of August. 25 000 people were working here back in those days. Founding and turning metal. About half of the ex engine house is rusting for over 20 years now.


rusty metal textures bundle the making of


All the metal that can still be found in the factory is rusty. I have spent more than 2 days photographing these rusty pieces of metal in order to make textures. There are pieces on which the rust forms a uniform crust, pieces which are covered in exfoliated layers of paint which are as well covered in rust. I have carefully selected the best pictures and I have put them in a Textures Pack. Those who wish to download these free textures in High Res (3872 x 2593 pixels) should go here.


free rusty metal texture

free hi res metal textures

free hi res rusty metal textures

free metal textures

rusty metal texture

free rusty metal textures



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