Here is a quick and easy way to give your title a vintage appearance. I've opened Calligraphic Ornaments Vector Bundlefrom where I have chosen a few elements that I thought were appropriate. I began to play randomly with the elements and to combine them slightly chaotically until the result was a pleasant one, taking into consideration the words that I had to frame.


calligraphic ornaments


Use reflection on the elements and join them together. You have now created a frame that combines calligraphic elements very easily.

calligraphic ornaments vector frame

I chose an aged textured paper and I've opened it in Photoshop.   I also imported here the design previously created. I resized it and centered it.

calligraphic ornaments vector frame

The first title followed the frame's curve. I've separated the first title from the second with a complex element.

calligraphic ornaments vector frame

In the end, it was also necessary to separate the second title from the rest,

something I've done by using a page decoration from Page Decorations Vector Pack 5.


calligraphic ornaments frame

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